Those who are passionate about their work
will outwork and outperform all others

To build a great company, motivation needs to be driven by so much more than profit, the recognition of your peers, or even building a great product. To succeed you need to be fuelled by your genuine love of the process.

Ontario does not require general contractors or even the carpenters building our homes to have any formal training in home construction assembly or building science. The willingness among those who undertake the combined four year apprenticeship program and schooling and any other post secondary construction education speaks to a level of genuine passion for better building practices commonly lacking in the construction industry. Those who are passionate about their work will outwork and outperform all others.

Founded by Adrian Sunter in 2010, Sunter Homes is one of the few Ontario Tarion Certified home building companies owned and operated by a licensed carpenter.

In an industry known for mediocrity, hidden agendas and resistance to change, Canada needs more home builders dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in quality, transparency of budget management, and systematic improvement of all the aspects of the building process and homeowner experience.

a photo of Adrian Sunter of Sunter Homes

The motivation for creating Sunter Homes was born from a need to do things differently. Break the mould.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most nurturing environment possible for highly passionate industry professionals.

Working together in a very positive environment, we encourage questioning the norms, creativity in our solutions, forming lasting bonds, continually improving, and appreciation for the three pillars around which our processes revolve:

The home owners who place their faith in us to manage, not only their greatest purchase, but the management of their dream that is everything their new home will be, how it will shape their treasured family moments, and how it will shelter their loved ones;

The Architects, technologists, engineers and designers who dedicate their careers to the pursuit of design excellence, making the improbable possible, and providing guidance to our skilled industry professionals on site;

And the synergy of raw materials and technologies skillfully moulded and assembled by teams of talented trades people to build a home that is so much more than the sum of its parts; an embodiment our clients’ achievements and a technological marvel of design.

“Our success is measured by the great relationships we build with our clients, and the stunning spaces we create.”

– Adrian Sunter, President

Sunter Homes brings people together for the right reasons.  From a humble beginning as a single, driven carpenter, Sunter Homes has flourished into a diverse team of passionate professionals in pursuit of the same goal upon which Sunter Homes was founded. Break the mould.

Transparent Process

We aim to make the process of designing and building your home or renovation as enjoyable as we can. Our regular Friday phone calls to each of our clients plays a big role in nurturing strong relationships. An important part of transparency is frequently communicating to you the status of your project and how your deposit is being managed. Sunter Homes is a very data driven company and we take the responsibility of managing project cash flow seriously. Our project management team works hard to provide you at regular milestones with relevant, easy to understand financial data and trends to allow you to best anticipate upcoming project costs.

Great Relationships

Great relationships make every part of the construction process better. We enjoy a tight-knit, family culture among our team and encourage our management team to have fun with our clients. Caring for our clients and their best interests is deeply engrained in our company culture. We employ sub-trades who share our values and agree to our code of ethics. We are committed to creating great relationships with our clients throughout the project and long after.

All Work is Guaranteed

Building homes is our passion and we stand behind our work. This is why we provide a two-year warranty on all craftsmanship. Work is done neatly, efficiently, and only qualified personnel are assigned to our projects. Blending old with new, and strength with innovation, we create beauty built to last.

Sunter Homes takes pride in our team’s extensive skills and knowledge.



Sunter Homes is committed to quality workmanship. This is why we stand behind our 2 year warranty on craftsmanship. Furthermore, at 30 days following project completion, and again at the 1-year anniversary, we offer a complimentary follow-up and inspection of our work to make certain that our work is holding up to the standards we promised, just one of the many benefits of partnering with a team that cares.