Alta Vista – Family Room & Kitchen Renovations

Our clients and team were tremendously satisfied with the transformation of this space. The main goals were to have a peaceful, calming family environment perfect for an avid writer in need of space to curl up with a book and warm feline friend. The original kitchen layout created a traffic bottleneck and encouraged clutter.

To achieve our goals, we relocated the fridge and designed all counter space to remain within the natural working area. A new kitchen sink awning window floods the space with more natural light than traditional casement windows.

This space was designed to be transitional. By pairing marble-themed porcelain floor tiles, textured, aged subway tile, and environmentally-friendly granite countertops, we achieved traditional farmhouse warmth under the glow of under-cabinet lights while drawing in the modern grey of the cabinetry. The result is a modern kitchen that will age gracefully, never fearing the dustbin of trends come and gone.

The focal point of the living space is the revived fireplace that ties the family room to the kitchen with a touch of blue pulled from the range backsplash. Cabinets were installed to the left and right of the fireplace to further improve the symmetry and storage of the family room.

The fireplace mantel is original, with redressed wood border trim and a new lace-textured large-theme tile. All tile edges were expertly mitred to avoid tile edge which could expand when exposed to the high heat of the fireplace.

New French doors were installed to keep purring cats at bay while food is being prepared in this functional heart of the home.