Glebe Bathroom Renovation & Rebuild


This Glebe bathroom would be a challenge for most residential contractors and was a great puzzle to test our resolve. After removing the 300-pound claw foot tub, we conducted significant structural replacement to address a roof leak, rotted exterior walls, and severed and notched floor joists. Sunter Homes rebuilt these components, creating a rock-solid base for our finishing materials. The result is a spacious, clutter-free environment. Clean, simple LED lighting shows off a high-quality tile installation.

  • Significant structural repairs and improvements
  • Relocated ceiling plumbing into joist cavities with small bulkhead
  • Ceiling height raised by over a foot
  • Refurbished bathroom door to match new design and reflect heritage feel of hall
  • Clean, simple LED lighting to illuminate bathroom effectively
  • Marble-theme porcelain tiles paired with white baseboard
  • Double wall niche and deep window sill reduce need for additional fixtures