Nepean Bathroom Renovation


This blast-from-the-past bathroom was a pleasure to update, incorporating natural design elements with modern style for a unique finished space. This 1960s bathroom looked as though it hadn’t had any work done since the Summer of Love, giving us a blank canvas for us to work on. This relatively small full bathroom meant all components were designed with elbow space in mind.

Niches are an important feature in this bathroom and were incorporated throughout. The completed space is a functional yet stylish bathroom, inspiring a sense of peace in this home.

  • Installed a new bathroom door that compliments wood imitation tile on the shower valve wall and ceiling
  • Nature-inspired design elements, including pebble mosaic on the shower floor and smooth stone imitation tile on the bathroom floor
  • All tile seams have been meticulously trimmed with 100% silicon colour-matched caulking for continuous, seamless lines
  • Replaced the original bathroom window with a well-sealed, energy efficient window
  • Created custom niches next to the toilet, above the pedestal sink, and in the shower to maximize space