CONOR O’NEILL – Project Coordinator

About Conor

Meet Conor, a skilled Project Coordinator at Sunter Homes, who plays a pivotal role in transforming the concept of a home into reality. With a keen eye for detail and a collaborative spirit, Conor expertly navigates the complexities of homebuilding, working closely with sub-trades, engineers, and designers to ensure every project is a masterpiece.

Conor’s enthusiasm for the dynamic nature of his role sets him apart. He thrives on the ever-changing landscape of construction, where each day presents new opportunities and challenges. This variety keeps his job engaging and fuels his passion for the industry, making every project a unique adventure.

Conor is a craftsman outside the office with a growing interest in refinishing furniture. This hobby allows him to express his creativity. It brings a sense of fulfillment as he transforms old pieces into beautiful additions to his home.

Influenced by the innovative and sustainable designs of Danish architect Bjarke Ingles, Conor has always been captivated by the blend of building and creativity. His first job as a landscaper set the stage for a career built on hard work and a connection to the physical environment.

Conor’s adventurous spirit and global explorations, such as his travels to Lagos, Portugal, enrich his perspective and approach to his work. Even with a predominantly analytical mind, he infuses each project with creativity, striving to demonstrate his abilities and maintain a standard of personal excellence.

Conor’s approach to life is straightforward and pragmatic, embodied in his favourite expression, “nothing to it but to do it.” This philosophy extends to his professional ethos, where he takes pride in his contributions to winning national championships in war-canoe racing and values simple pleasures like spending time with family and friends, especially during the holiday season. Conor’s exceptional building expertise, remarkable collegial spirit, and diverse talents make him an indispensable Sunter Homes team member.

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