JENNIFER SUNTER – Head of Sales & Marketing

About Jen

With 13 years as an ultrasound technologist at Queensway Carleton Hospital, Jen brings a caring touch and a keen eye to our home construction team. Driven by a passion for beauty and connecting with new people, she has seamlessly transitioned into a sales and marketing role, infusing creativity and joy into every project.

Beyond her professional journey, Jen’s diverse interests make her a dynamic individual. From her love for plants and dogs to outdoor pursuits like stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, and skiing, she embodies an adventurous spirit. A talented artist, she paints with various media, showcasing her creative flair. Jen’s culinary exploration adds a delightful dimension to her personality.

With communication skills, attention to detail, and a compassionate approach honed in healthcare, Jen is committed to creating an upbeat client experience. A valuable asset embodying the perfect blend of professionalism and passion, Jen is excited to assist you on your journey toward the house or renovation project of your dreams.

Sunter Homes is an established renovation and custom home building firm working with award-winning designers and architects to deliver high-quality residential projects.