Photo of Adrian Sunter


About Adrian

Adrian Sunter is an inter-provincially licensed carpenter and has been immersed in home construction and commercial office renovations since 2004.  He holds a Building Construction Technician Diploma with honours.  As Founder of Sunter Homes, Adrian Sunter brings reliability, innovation, and unfailing customer service to your home and office.

Born and raised in Bells Corners, Ottawa, Adrian Sunter has had the privilege of working under the guidance of many talented carpenters who have fueled his desire to create beautiful homes of all forms, a passion sparked since childhood from the day he first stepped into his father’s workshop.

Founding and building Sunter Homes has been his life’s work. The vision is to build families’ dreams and see them take shape in Sunter Homes’ projects. For Adrian, this is a wonderfully rewarding experience, as is the opportunity to learn from and pass on to others the many tricks of the trade. One of the most rewarding aspects of Adrian’s job is the friendships shared in the pursuit of common goals. His daily goal is building long-term relationships with clients and creating “wow” experiences.

“Building a unique product while knowing with absolute certainty that we did our best work and no one could have done it better.  Not many feelings in life can top the satisfaction of creating something exactly as it was envisioned, with your own two hands.”

Sunter Homes is an established renovation and custom home building firm working with award-winning designers and architects to deliver high-quality residential projects.