About David

David Bass, a native of Ottawa, has a deep-rooted affection for his hometown. Surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the valley and the enchanting vicinity of Quebec, David’s connection to these areas has been a source of continuous inspiration and exploration. His academic journey led him to university, followed by a stint in a research lab, which, while enriching, prompted him to contemplate a significant shift in his professional path.

Fortuitously, a close friend and seasoned carpenter extended an offer for Davidt to join him for a summer project at this crossroads. This opportunity was a revelation for David, beginning a newfound passion for carpentry. David’s enthusiasm for his craft remains unchanged years into this journey. “Here I am seven years later and still enjoying every day. You can’t ask for more than that,” David reflects with satisfaction.

Beyond his professional life, David is an avid adventurer and nature enthusiast. The lush green spaces of Ottawa-Gatineau serve as his playground, where he indulges in cross-country biking, canoe-camping, hiking, and snowboarding. These activities underscore David’s love for the outdoors and reflect his commitment to a balanced lifestyle, harmonizing his work with his personal passions.

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